Rush Week for Spring 2015 starts Monday, September 21st!

We will be in the Quarry Plaza all week starting Monday, September 21st until Monday, September 28th.

What is Rush?

Rush is a process that provides you the opportunity to check out different clubs and organizations affiliated with the UC Santa Cruz campus and see what they’re all about. For Alpha Phi Omega, it’s a fun and engaging week of events for potentials pledges to attend and become familiar with the brothers and sisters of our chapter.

So, what are you waiting for? Come check out the events we have to offer for Rush! Eat free food, meet new people, and see if we’re right for you!

How Can I Join?

In order to be eligible to pledge for Alpha Phi Omega, you must attend:



These events are ALL FREE and rides will be provided to our events.

Not sure if you want to join? Come out and meet us! We welcome EVERYONE in Alpha Phi Omega!

Please email:
if you have any questions regarding rush.

Who Can Join the Chapter?

We value diversity and accept people of all different majors, genders, interests, ethnicities, etc. The only requirement is being an enrolled student of University of California, Santa Cruz.

Why Should I Join?

College is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It should more than just facts and figures. Joining Alpha Phi Omega will broaden your college experience! You will attain/expand on essential abilities, crucial skills, and lifelong memories through our program of leadership, friendship, and service. In our fraternity, you won’t just be helping others; you will also be helping yourself.

This is a social experience you won’t regret!
Become a part of something bigger. Check out our Rush Events!

Do You Haze?

No, we do not haze.

We strictly follow the policies of the university in accordance with the UCSC Student Policies and Regulations Handbook. All of our activities adhere to SOAR guidelines. In addition, incoming pledges are required to sign an anti-hazing form.

For more information regarding university hazing policy, click here.